Image via @kidcudi

Image via @kidcudi

In a post Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven world, the music community has been divided on Kid Cudi. If you ask him, he’ll say that very few of his peers seem to be in his corner.

“Nobody supports me,” he told Billboard in a recent interview. “The newer guys like A$AP Rocky and Travi$ Scott show love. But none of the people in my bracket open their mouth about Kid Cudi. I don’t know why and I don’t give a f—. It’s kind of disheartening sometimes.”

He also said that the poor sales of Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven also shook the faith he had in his fans:

I’m thinking, “Man, I’ve done all these albums. Where are the people who bought Indicud or the others before? Who have I been making music for?” [When an album doesn’t sell well] it makes you question yourself. As an artist, I’m always questioning myself. But this was the first time that I questioned my fan base and if I even have one at all. Who are these people?

Cudi went on to say that his next album, which almost definitely won’t be Mon on the Moon 3, will be free of charge:

That’s why whatever I do next will be free. And I don’t even feel obligated to do Man on the Moon 3 anymore. As of right now, people should just get that off their mind. That’s not ever going to happen. It’d be different if the first two were platinum. They’re not even platinum! Man on the Moon 1 is like 860,000 sold. It’s hanging on by a thread.

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