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Image via H&M

M.I.A. recently spoke with London’s Evening Standard to talk about media representation and the Black Lives Matter Movement among other subjects. After getting asked about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, she posed a question herself, saying, “It’s interesting that in America the problem you’re allowed to talk about is Black Lives Matter. It’s not a new thing to me—it’s what Lauryn Hill was saying in the 1990s, or Public Enemy in the 1980s. Is Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar going to say Muslim Lives Matter? Or this kid in Pakistan matters? That’s a more interesting question.”

She’s taken to Twitter to clarify that she wasn’t criticizing Kendrick or Beyoncé, saying, “A#blacklivesmatter B#Muslimlivesmatter. I’m not Muslim. My criticism wasn’t about Beyoncé. It’s how u can say A not B right now in 2016. My question was, on American platforms what do they allow you to stand up for in 2016. This has been the number 1 question for me.”

During the interview, she also spoke at length about Sri Lanka after growing up there, going on to explain that she believes the government there hasn’t really changed all that much. “They keep saying: ‘It’s all great now, come see for yourself!’ But I have a kid, I don’t want to take that chance. The way Sri Lanka operates, you’ll get killed and the government will say: ‘Ah she went swimming, she was eaten by a shark, what can you do?'”

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