Image via Alma Har'el

Image via Alma Har’el

Last month we learned that we would finally be able to hear new music from Flying Lotus, but it wouldn’t exactly be a direct release of his own. Instead, we’re actually receiving new FlyLo thanks to Shia LaBeouf. After working on the music for Rick Rubin’s Star Wars-inspired album Star Wars HeadspaceFlying Lotus gets more film experience, this time providing the score for LoveTrue—a film executive-produced by LaBeouf and directed by Alma Har’el.

After the film received high praise at the Tribeca Film Festival, LaBeouf was finally willing to discuss the process and how LoveTrue came together. In a recent interview with ComplexLaBeouf opened up about how he connected to the subjects of the documentary, how the making of the film impacted him, and more.

He went on to explain how exactly he and Har’el were able to get Flying Lotus to be apart of this film. “We know each other through Thundercat, who I went to elementary school with,” said LaBeouf. “I obviously have a great appreciation for his work. Guy is a fucking genius. Full blown. He blessed our film.”

Read the full interview here, and view the trailer for LoveTrue below.