Chance the Rapper’s mysterious Coloring World event in Chicago, a celebration of his new album Coloring Book, is currently being explored by hundreds of fans, and we were among the first wave to enter the Willy Wonka-esque dream land.

Earlier today, 350 people gathered at the Pulaski International School of Chicago, giddily awaiting departure time: 10 buses took over an entire city block and carried those lucky enough to purchase tickets to a warehouse-turned-carnival 15 minutes away. Tickets went on sale through Chance’s website and sold out that same day. Three more rounds of attendees will be bussed to the event.

“Welcome to Coloring World, the best place in the world to listen to Coloring Book,” Chance said over the intercom. Kids filed into a turf-covered room and witnessed a compilation of footage that dives into Chance’s past. The curtains then fell, revealing bouncy fun houses, coloring packets, Mistic drinks, the “Sunday Candy” video set, a reconstructed church, and much more.

Kanye held his album listening party at MSG. Chance took a page out of his mentor’s playbook and reinvented it, building a playpen of sorts where the only rule is having fun. See photos from the event above and check back for updates as it continues.

UPDATE: Chance came out to thank fans and his team at the event. Watch footage below.