Photo by Jimmy King via Pitchfork

Photo by Jimmy King via Pitchfork

On January 8, David Bowie released his last album Blackstar on his 69th birthday—just a week before his untimely passing. In the months since then, fans have taken the time to appreciate the deeper meaning within his work. But one of the most recent discoveries came as an unexpected surprise.

A reddit user recently discovered that when the gatefold of the Blackstar album is exposed to sunlight, that the previously all black cover becomes filtered in stars. According to the user, these changes appear after only a few hours in the sunlight. Other forms of light, like black light and regular room lighting don’t seem to do the trick.

Apparently, it seems that these changes aren’t permanent. After a few hours, the stars will fade away again—reminiscent of our own night sky. If you own the album, this is a fun project to give a try. And if you don’t, this seems like a great reason to purchase a physical copy.

View the beautiful discovery below.