In the wake of Konnichiwa‘s release, DJ Semtex invited Skepta to speak at length about his career in an interview for BBC Radio 1xtra. The filmed conversation is a rarity for the grime star, who vocalized his desire to “remove [himself] from the music industry” while finalizing his latest LP.

“I’m out for truth,” the artist said, impassioned. “I’m out for revenge, fam. I’m out for revenge, fam. I came into this ting pure-hearted, for the love of music, and people tried to take me for an idiot. When I spit now, people are gonna hear a mad man. They’re gonna hear a monster.”

That search for truth, and the frustration spawned by those who blockaded it, is palpable on Konnichiwa, an album Skepta’s rightly confident about.

“That’s a movie to me, bruv,” Skepta said of his fourth full-length. “Konnichiwa is a classic… The album’s been delayed for kick drums. To put it out was a definite happy point.”

Toward the video’s tail-end, Skepta acknowledged the simmering suspicion of beef between him and grime legend Dizzee Rascal. In Konnichiwa‘s opening title track, Skepta raps, “A lot of these MCs disgust me / Real talk, you ain’t best MC in the country.”

When pressed about the lyric by Semtex, he offered a diplomatic response: “Dizzee Rascal, that’s a very, very relevant person in my scene. That’s not the first time I would take his lyrics and flip it. Some people are saying I sonned him. I didn’t son him in the intro. I write a lot of bars about types of people. If the shoe fits anyone, they can wear it if they want to. I’m like that granddad on the porch that’s dissing all the shit I don’t like [Laughs]. That’s what makes me spit.”

As for Skepta’s top five in grime?

“I don’t have a top five! I think the grime scene is one of the sickest, most diverse scenes ever… There’s enough [room] for everybody. Don’t compare me to Stormzy. Me and Stormzy are both legends in our own right.”

Watch the full interview, which clocks in at just under an hour, above. If you missed it, read highlights of Skepta’s interview with Time Out London.

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Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube