Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Views season is in full swing at the moment, and the Drake-related content is nowhere near its end. While the self-proclaimed 6 God continues to rack up the album sales, his fans have been thinking up creative ways to enjoy the album even more.

We’ve learned a lot about Drake from his latest album, but now we know that the man truly has a way with words. So much so, that he has the ability to repeat the same word over and over again, and make it a new experience every time. You probably weren’t looking for proof for that last statement, however Instagram user therealshaq has you covered anyway.

Thanks to this Instagram user, there is now a supercut of every single time Drake utters the word “yeah” on his latest album, as The FADER points out. Sure, it’s ridiculous but as the photo continues to zoom it becomes hard to look away.

Watch the compilation below.

Every "yeah" from Views (➕)

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