Monday 5.9 10am EST 🐿

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Grimes isn’t one to take the visual side of her music lightly. Known to design her own album covers and put a lot of thought into the look of everything associated with her music, each music video release from the Canadian artist feels like an event. Her hypnotizing visuals for “Oblivion” in 2012 set the tone for her career, and each follow-up has been equally impressive.

Judging from a short teaser clip shared on her Instagram page, it looks like her next video for Art Angels standout “California” won’t disappoint. She doesn’t let too much out of the bag when it comes to the plot of the video, but ribbon dancing, apples, cowboy hats, and balloons are involved. This will be interesting. See it in full on Monday, May 9th at 10am EST. You can revisit her excellent double video for “Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream” below while you wait.