Chance the Rapper’s most recent release Coloring Book unquestionably has more of a gospel tone than anything else in his discography, but now, the mixtape has been given a rock edge by guitarist Jacob Brody, who filmed himself recording guitar interpretations and improvisations over the whole album in one take.

Brody goes back and forth between playing along to the songs as they are and adding his own flavor to them. In particular, his work on “Blessings” is especially effective, as Brody’s jamming adds more of a blues tone to the relatively minimal track.

If the name and set-up seem familiar, it’s because Brody previously got some attention for his guitar-centric takes on Chance’s discography prior to Coloring Book. Brody has also done similar videos covering the discographies of other artists like Tyler, The Creator, Vic Mensa, Travis Scott, and others.

Watch Brody’s cover of Coloring Book above, and his take on the rest of Chance’s discography below.