Image via @kidcudi

Kid Cudi’s latest album Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven was received with less-than-favorable reactions from critics and fans alike, but it would be tough to accuse him of rehashing the same old sounds that made him famous. He took to Twitter this afternoon to explain that the album may have been ahead of its time and that “it was for the kids sitting at home dreaming of doing something creatively brave. Wanting to explore different musical realms.”

Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven is the most important album right now in existence,” he wrote. “In 5 years, maybe sooner, you’ll see its impact. “

Explaining that the backlash was the result of people not yet understanding something new and different, Cudi concluded with, “People are always gonna hate on what they don’t understand. No matter what you do. So just trust you and watch what happens.”