Earlier this year, TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith shared the label’s 2016 release schedule and promised two new unnamed artists. No hints have been given regarding who these two new artists are or when we’ll hear from them, but it looks like TDE is up to something.

Identical coordinated tweets from the entire TDE roster went out at 4:20pm EST today mentioning @skiiiwalker, or Lance SkiiiWalker, a singer/producer from Chicago. SkiiiWalker was featured on Jay Rock’s “Telegram (Going Krazy),” “90059,” and “Money Trees Deuce.”







SkiiiWalker hasn’t tweeted anything yet, but has a verified account.


As many speculate who this is and why TDE’s whole roster tweeted at SkiiiWalker, two main theories keep popping up: 1. Lance SkiiiWalker is actually Jay Rock’s alter ego, or 2. SkiiiWalker is TDE’s latest signee.

Based on Jay Rock’s own annotation on “90059” as well as his Hot 97 interview, during which Ebro asks Jay about Lance SkiiiWalker, that first theory seems unlikely.

TDE has worked with lesser known artists before (such as Anna Wise), meaning this could potentially just be a collaboration that the entire roster is looking forward to. Fake Shore Drive claims that Lance SkiiiWalker once sang and produced under the name Johnny Rocket, and part of a duo called The Rocketeers.

While the intention behind these coordinated tweets is still unclear, what is known for sure is that TDE is somehow involved with SkiiiWalker, and that the label will reveal how they’re affiliated soon. Stay tuned.