Screenshot via Twitter

Screenshot via Twitter

Last night, May 6, Lauryn Hill showed up two hours late to a performance at Atlanta’s Chastain Park Ampitheatre. When she finally hit the stage, she was met with boos from the audience, and it only got worse. Less than 40 minutes into her set, Lauryn’s sound was cut off by the venue because of an 11 p.m. curfew. At that point, Lauryn continued to sing, but she was drowned out by the rumbling of an unhappy audience.

One reporter’s tweets sum up the night:

Lauryn Hill’s tardiness has become a regular occurrence, and one fan in Atlanta told off the singer after her show. When confronted, Lauryn explained that her driver got lost, and that she can’t control that.

“I heard you soundcheck out here at four o’clock,” the fan replies in a video posted to Twitter. “I live right across the street. Why didn’t you stay here?”

“Because that’s not how I do it.”