Earlier this month, M.I.A. revealed that her forthcoming album was finally completed, but that news came with a bit of a catch. In a series of tweets, she explained that she had handed in her new album to her record label, but it would not be up to her if it actually gets a release date. She went on further to say that because she does not have a U.S. visa, she would not be able to promote the album or go out on a full tour.

A few days after sharing the news about the problems with the rollout for her upcoming album, M.I.A. teased that she “would love to leak it.” This week she returned with more details revolving around her new music.

During a short broadcast on Periscope yesterday, M.I.A. answer questions from her eager fans. When asked about a release date for the new album, she replied, “July. Summertime.” Because of the issues she’s explained before, it appears that there’s no telling when exactly her forthcoming album can be released.

However she did share a few extra details about the album, saying that it will be 12 tracks and that a collaboration with Rihanna was supposed to happen but ultimately couldn’t due to scheduling difficulties. M.I.A. also planned to work with Mike WiLL Made It but explained the difficulty by saying: “I can’t get into the U.S. so working with anyone in the U.S. is super difficult because I’m not down to work on e-mail—though I have tried to do that, and it’s a bit of a struggle.”

Watch the full Q&A below.