M.I.A. announced last week that her upcoming fifth album is finished, but it might find its way into the world sooner than anybody expects.

During a recent Periscope stream, M.I.A. said that she very badly wants to release the album on her own, without her record label’s consent. “I would love to leak it,” she said. “I wake up every day and think I’m gonna leak it.” However, she went on to say that she’s thought better of that idea so far because she hopes to retain her label’s support. She also previewed a new song titled “Finally” during the broadcast.

M.I.A. referred to the album, which was previously titled Matahdatah but M.I.A. said is not anymore, as her “last LP,” and said, “Maybe I can’t lie enough, which is why I can’t be making a mainstream record. But my songs on this album are pretty non-offensive, and if they get offended by this, then I give up and I’m gonna go back to saying whatever the fuck I want wherever I want to, even on Periscope. I can put a beat on every day and just chat over it.”

Watch M.I.A. preview “Finally” below.