After teasing the interview not too long ago, Nardwuar’s second talk with Drake and 40 is finally here. Showing his fellow Canadian some love, Nardwuar’s new interview with Drake is one of his longest interviews to date, going in-depth about a number of topics. Filmed just before the release of Views, Drake discusses using a sample of Timmy Thomas on “Hotline Bling,” Biggie Smalls, the origins of his beloved “the 6,” phrase, and why he avoids kissing his fans at shows now.

During the interview he also took the time to explain Jay Z’s verse on “Pop Style,” and why Drake calls himself Chaining Tatum in the same song. He also talked about his infamous bra trunk that he kept on tour, addressing a number of things he said during his original interview back in 2010, explaining that he was very high during said interview.

Check out the lengthy interview above