Dutch artist Sevdaliza has been wowing us with both her music and her visuals for a while now, but she’s taken things a bit further with her latest video. Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, “The Formula” is a short film featuring some stellar music from Sevdaliza, starring herself in some gorgeously shot scenes. Shifting between lighter tones and ambiguous darkness, “The Formula” is one hell of a statement, proving that Sevdaliza doesn’t mess around when it comes to the visual aspect of her art.

Distressing in moments as much as it awes the next, “The Formula” is just as adventurous and occasionally hard to follow as her music itself. Like her music, though, it’s definitely a rewarding experience once it finally clicks.┬áCo-directed by Sevdaliza, the short film tells a story of two lovers and the unexpected directions their relationship take, soundtracked by three songs, “The Formula,” “The Language of Limbo,” and “Mad Woman.”

Accompanied by completely different tones for each chapter of the film, each song perfectly matches the Lynchian world Adjei and Sevdaliza paint with the visuals. To premiere three new tracks in this fashion takes a lot of talent, and thankfully Sevdaliza has more than enough to pull it off effortlessly.

Watch the full short film above.