Screenshot via YouTube

Screenshot via YouTube

In a new interview with Time Out London, Skepta has opened up on the supposed grime resurgence, his working relationship with Drake, and remaining an independent artist. Not one to give too many interviews, Skepta has been quick to say that grime isn’t exactly experiencing the comeback so many thing it is, saying, “People who think grime is back are sheep that follow the media. People who aren’t sheep know grime never went away.”

Earlier this year, Drake claimed he had signed to Skepta’s label, Boy Better Know, and while it confused many knowing he was still signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money, Skepta has reiterated that it’s true. “We’re putting together an official worldwide BBK label, but we haven’t talked about how it’ll work yet,” he says. “It’ll be separate to his existing contracts. Trust me, I am not gonna sue Lil Wayne.”

When asked about his independence despite his surge in popularity, Skepta said, “I Won’t lie, I did nearly crack and take a deal at one point.” It looks like his independence has paid off, though, as he’s continued to gain popularity despite not having a label behind him.

He also spoke about the effect grime has had on London, saying, “I’ve realised that there’s art in everything we do in London. Suddenly a photo of two boys sitting on a wall in tracksuits with a dog can go online and be considered a sick photo. That’s what we’ve done to London… that’s all I’ve ever wanted: for London to have a credible musical voice. I will honestly, honestly die happy knowing that I saw it happen.”

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