If you’ve ever wanted some streamlined method of consuming videos of awkward white people trying to rap, Jed Rosenberg has answered that call.

Rosenberg, who’s directed music videos for Talib Kweli, Open Mike Eagle, and others, has made a super-cut of such videos that he’s collected over the years. The best part, though? He’s edited the super-cut so that the compilation rhymes.

Here’s what Rosenberg has to say about the compilation:

I’ve been a big hip-hop fan since I was a little kid, but for some reason I’ve always been super obsessed with white people rapping badly. Maybe it started when my dad used to try to mock me when I’d be listening to Ice Cube records in my room. He’d do his impression by talk-rhyming a bunch of swear words off-beat. Needless to say, this didn’t sound a whole lot like “Jackin’ for Beats.” But as the years passed, I noticed that lots and lots of caucasoids, not just my pops, seemed to have a very silly concept of how a rapping person might sound… and it fascinated the shit out of me. Once the YouTube era evolved, I gained a whole new access to white people sounding like 2pac meets Busy Bee meets my dad.

I had been cataloging these clips in my head for years but a week ago I figured it would be fun to make some kind of super-cut – and since it’s rap music I figured it all should rhyme. I spent about a day playing around with the clips and getting it to work.

Rosenberg cautions that viewers shouldn’t “take it more than […] just a collection of white people being awkward and silly” and also hilariously gives a useful definition of Beat Deafness.

Watch Jed Rosenberg’s compilation above, and be on the look-out for parts two and three, because yes, there are enough videos out there to create two more compilations.