It sometimes seems likeĀ Chris Brown is constantly in some sort of legal battle or drama, so it’s not all that surprising that TMZ is reporting that Brown has found himself under legal threat once again. Following the claims that he stomped on someone’s head at one of his recent shows, it is now being reported that Chris Brown beat up his manager just under a month ago, and now his manager is seeking damages for the alleged incident.

His manager Mike G was hired in 2012 to help rehabilitate his public image according to TMZ, and Mike G claims that he was attacked without provocation. Brown supposedly took Mike G into a room, and repeatedly punched him in the face and the neck. Mike G says he was in the emergency room following the unprovoked attacked, and his lawsuit is claiming that Brown began mocking him on social media. Mike G also adds that Brown was bragging about the incident to his friends, adding that Brown threatened everyone else on the rest the tour that they’d end up like Mike G if they did something he wasn’t fond of.

Mike G also added that Brown’s anger was drug-fueled, with him saying he’s worried about a follow-up attack from Brown’s “gang member friends.” Mike G is seeking an undisclosed sum of money.