According to Variety, Common will be starring in an upcoming television adaptation of the 1977 Black Samurai film. RZA is the Executive Producer on the project.

Common will be playing the part of Robert Sand, who, in the original series, is rescued by a Japanese samurai master and trained for seven years. Without revealing any spoilers, certain events occur that lead Sand, a “killing machine,” into seeking vengeance.

“Robert Sand is like black Jason Bourne. Black Samurai is one of the most unique, timely and fun experiences I’ve ever read, while at the same time tackling some serious subjects around race and diversity,” said the project’s head Producer, Andre Gaines. “With ‘John Wick 2’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ coming up, Common was an obvious choice for the role, and I’m thrilled to have him on board. I believe he’s the next great American actor.”

Black Samurai is obviously not Common’s only venture into acting, having starred in numerous films and television shows since 2003, including American Gangster and Selma (for which he and John Legend won an Oscar for “Glory”), as well as the upcoming Suicide Squad and John Wick 2.

RZA, too, has appeared in a number of films, and also wrote, directed, and acted in 2012’s The Man With the Iron Fists.

The 1977 Black Samurai film was inspired by Marc Olden’s 1974 book series.