Fresh off of the release of Lucki Eck$ assisted “Keep That,” Goodbye Tomorrow returns with the video for “Back It Down,” a second record from their upcoming project Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp.

While “Keep That” contained the intensity and aggression many have grown accustomed to from GT, “Back It Down” touches on the mellow side of the mysterious rap act. The song is actually pretty simple, distorted voices over calm production, it feels like you’re in a trance watching all of the transitions and effects.

The trance you are in may be exactly what Goodbye Tomorrow wants, throughout the video the message “Watching is a crime” appears and humans are seen traveling this virtual city with televisions and iPhones as heads. One specific person has Instagram open with various photos of barely dressed women. GT could be using the visual to bring light to a specific message or trance that many of us find ourselves in with technology.

When asked about the song, the Chicago act gave a detailed response, “It’s separate, the song and the video. The song itself is about the power struggle between a guy and a girl in an argument. The girl always end up winning, but the whole thing gets distorted by outside perception and in the end you don’t really even recognize your own voice when you’re talking.

This video pushes that idea to a global scale and is kind of like a view on how social media and media in general distorts our perception of sex and relationships and how we fall into a sort of prison based on our own biases and prejudices.

This guy is basically in a virtual reality prison cause all he does is look at girls on IG and watch porn and shit but the actual question is, is he to blame for looking or are the girls to blame for putting it on display? I think that’s the base level of every back and forth in society.

It’s 2 sides with an incomplete view of the larger system at play, and usually both sides are unaware. You know it’s ads on these buildings selling the same things they’re outlawing. Very American ya know?”

Check out the video above or stream it below and stay tuned for the release of Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp this Friday.