Parenting can be hard. It’s feels like every single person has an opinion on the subject. One popular criticism is introducing “bad” music to one’s own child; few seem to appreciate a child’s familiarity with, for example, Kanye West’s “I’m In It.”

And so, it makes sense that Jimmy Kimmel, who has a baby daughter, sought out Ice Cube, A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, and others to create Kidz Bop versions of their profanity-riddled singles. As Kimmel puts it best: some variety is needed when the only song you have on repeat is “Wheels on the Bus.”

Kidz Bop Hip-Hop is kid-friendly hip-hop, where Ice Cube’s “Today Was a Good Day” is turned into “Today Was a Snow Day” (“I didn’t have to have a school day / I gotta say today was a snow day”); Lil Jon’s “Get Low” into “Tether Ball” (On the playground / hit the ball / let’s all play tetherball / smack smack smack smack little tether / smack smack smack smack that ball”); and A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems” into “Truckin’ Problems” (“I found big rocks / that’s my trucking problem”). You get the idea.

So, if you have a younger sibling or small child, you now have some alternate versions of hip-hop gems to play them via the video above (because Kidz Bop Hip-Hop the Album, unfortunately, does not actually exist).

Watch the hilarious clip above.