Image via Justin Bieber's Instagram

Image via Justin Bieber’s Instagram

When it comes to the setup of a major pop star’s concert, there are a few key elements fans can expect to see. Big lights, jumbo screens, choreography are all part of the formula, and for years trap doors on stage have continued to remain part of this formulaic setup. The only problem is, trap doors have and will always be a bit of a safety hazard and it looks like Justin Bieber is its latest victim.

Last night during a concert in Saskatoon, Canada, Bieber made quite the dramatic exit. One fan-shot video shows Bieber taking a long walk from the front of the stage closest to the fans, all the way down the aisle towards the back of the stage. However it appears someone forgot to close or lock the trap down in the stage. As he slowly makes his way down the stage, BieberĀ disappears abruptly as he falls through the floor. And because his microphone was still on, it sounded like it wasn’t a gentle fall either.

Fans can be heard quickly transitioning from cheers of excitement to screams of concern. Though, Bieber’s latest tweet makes it look like he’s doing just fine.