Lil B is no stranger to attention-grabbing TV appearances. When he’s not discussing his support for presidential candidates, politics, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, he can be seen giving his insight on sports.

As many Lil B and sports fans may know, there’s been an ongoing tie between two for a few years now. The Based God has more power over the NBA that many may acknowledge, but his curses continue to have an impact on the game.

Yesterday, Lil B was invited onto ESPN’s Sports Nation to discuss the latest NBA players to be cursed. During a short segment where the panel of hosts tried to decide whether or not Lakers’ player D’Angelo Russell would be the next to suffer under The Based God’s curse, one host asked: “How much more cursed could the Lakers be?” To that, Lil B—who showed up dressed to impress as always—simply responded saying that Russell is now officially cursed. Watch the clip above.

For those who may have missed the live airing of Sports Nation, thankfully Lil B’s very rare entrance was captured for all of us to remember forever.