Image via @maxwonders

“I just want to be a kid again,” Max Wonders contemplates over a booming Saluki-produced beat. “Please Lord take me back, prior to all of the meetings and before they called me Max.”

Following the similarly adult-resistant single “Grow Up,” a theme seems to be developing as the talented Chicago artist drip-feeds us bits and pieces of his next project Hues To Blame.

“‘Kid Again’ is me talking to myself from different perspectives,” he explains. “One being my younger and the other being my older. In the chorus I’m telling my older self, ‘I’ve been waiting for you my whole life, I know I cannot wait no more’. Thinking about all the times myself and others would yearn to be older and smell the roses on that side.”

Playing on that moment in life when birthdays become less exciting and the steady progression toward adulthood suddenly takes on a terrifying new feeling, Wonders just created the perfect anthem for any confused twentysomething.

“On the return end [I’m] saying ‘I was begging to grow up until I realized that it’s closer to the morgue,’” he continues. “I didn’t know this is what it’d be like. You tricked me. This is just a holding cell until we meet our maker. Youth is where you want to be! So it’s like wrestling back and forth with myself, my mortality, and my adolescence.”