Image via Dev Hynes on Twitter

Not too long ago, Dev Hynes announced that he had a new Blood Orange album on the way. Describing the album, Freetown Sound, as his version of Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, he said, “It kind of plays like a long mixtape.” The album, which Dev said is his “most relatable thing” he’s ever done, is now approaching its release, with Dev promising that it’s “coming soon.”

Taking to Twitter to remind everyone that he’s putting out a new record this year, he shared the cover art for the upcoming album. “My 3rd album FREETOWN SOUND coming soon,” he explained, sharing the Deana Lawson-shot cover. Dev previously shared a collaboration with Nelly Furtado earlier this year, and also previewed a number of tracks from Freetown Sound during a two huge shows at Apollo Theater in Harlem.

No further details on what to expect from the album just year, but if it’s anywhere near as good as the series of singles he shared last year, then Freetown Sound is certainly one album to be excited about. Freetown Sound will be Dev’s first full-length as Blood Orange since 2013’s Cupid Deluxe.

Expect to hear more about Freetown Sound soon, and check out the incredible cover for the album above.