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In 2009, RZA admitted to his love of video games by saying, “I’ve been playing video games since Pong.” Now, he’s announced a partnership with Atari to record an album full of songs inspired by the console’s long list of classic games. Don’t expect the project to be a disposable gimmick, though. In a brief statement, he alluded to the possibility of appearances by fellow high-profile rappers.

“I’m so excited to work on these iconic games to deliver what I believe will be one of my best albums,” RZA told Billboard. “I am going to invite some of my friends to join me and it will be game on with the first beat!”

Fresh from a similarly left-field collaborative project with Interpol’s Paul Banks, this will be RZA’s second collaborative effort with Atari after lending voice-over work for the 2006 game, Marc Eckō’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.