Basketball has changed considerably since the 1954 NBA Finals, and nobody is better at exemplifying why that’s a good thing than Snoop Dogg. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a new segment titled The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball with Snoop Dogg, he deadpan narrates some black and white footage of the finals to hilarious results. It’s a simple idea for a sketch of sorts, but Snoop Dogg really makes the most of his time commenting on the footage with some incredibly funny comments.

Watching the footage, he immediately says, “This was before black men were able to play basketball. As you see, there’s no jumping, no dunking, no heroics.” He continued, saying, “This is just basic basketball. 1954? That’s probably before black people had TVs so we wasn’t tripping.” His best moment comes, however, when he witnesses the appalling free throws. Referring to the horrific underarm throws as “Granny throws,” Snoop is on-point in pointing out just how much more boring basketball was to watch back in the ’50s.

It’s not quite as fantastic as his Plizzanet Earth series, but it’s certainly proof that Snoop Dogg really can commentate on anything and make it entertaining. Watch Snoop Dogg narrate the NBA Finals footage above.