Just days after having a bit of health scare by suffering multiple seizures, Lil Wayne has already returned to the public eye. Wayne was set to make an appearance at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3). While he was brought to the event to perform a few hits for fans and promote his own new game, Wayne also managed to find some time to have a bit of fun too.

As expected, E3 is filled with the latest tech gadgets—made for both necessary life functions and just for pure entertainment. Wayne had the opportunity to try out the Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality) rollercoaster. Thanks to some fan footage, we’re all able to share in the experience with Weezy.

The video shows Wayne seemingly freaking out as his virtual rollercoaster continues to take loops, twists, and turns. But the best part is that Wayne looks like he’s doing well, and is back to enjoying himself.

Watch the hilarious video above.