Recently, Tim Westwood caught up with Vince Staples at Wireless Festival in London, England to discuss what the festival circuit’s like. Before Westwood got to dig deep, Big Sean crashed the interview to reveal some big news before asking Vince a couple of questions.

“We about to get into the studio,” Big Sean casually announced. “I ain’t about to spill to much information, but it’s about to go crazy […] we gonna work, man.”

Without taking the spotlight away from Vince too much, Big Sean asks the Long Beach native how it feels to be “one of the most underrated lyricists in the game.”

“I honestly don’t care,” Vince laughs. “You never get the credit you deserve unless you doing too much. You’re not supposed to do too much; you’re supposed to do your job and go home. I’d rather just do my job and go home than have motherfuckers sit outside watching my shit, worrying about where I go grocery shopping.”

Watch Big Sean crash Tim Westwood’s interview with Vince Staples above, and watch part two of their discussion, where Vince discusses how he “keeps it regular,” his love for Rae Sremmurd, and the recent violence in the U.S., below.