Connie Constance has all the right ingredients to be a star. We knew it when we heard “Stars” and “Euphoric,” and it became even more clear when she played our No Ceilings show in London. Connie is a wonderful songwriter and intimate lyricist, but the sonic variety in the music she’s released so far might be what’s most impressive. From minimal electronic backdrops to fuller, more organic production, it seems as if she can do wrong. On “Lose My Mind” she strips everything away and bares her heart and soul.

Connie’s soulful voice is front and center, accompanied by the simplest piano and occasional layers of her own vocals, as she delivers a song of love and devotion to her significant other. “You make me feel like I’m worthwhile,” she sings, and the video only heightens the intimacy, as Connie at first sits alone in a bath tub and then has her hair tenderly washed.

“I wrote this song as my partner often says the right thing, and looks after me at times when I’m under a lot of pressure. I also wanted to show men in a positive light,” Connie explains. The video, which was shot in an abandoned hotel, was her own concept, and was directed and produced by an all-female creative team.

Watch the video above, and look out for more from Connie Constance in 2016.

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