Image via Billboard

Image via Billboard

Jack White’s record label Third Man Records is always pushing boundaries in terms of what is possible with music formats and sales and related fields of endeavor, but now their next big idea will take them outside Earth’s atmosphere: They are going to try to play the first phonographic record in space.

A post on the label’s website reads in part:

The vessel tasked with the mission — The ICARUS CRAFT — is a custom-built “space-proof” turntable attached to a high-altitude balloon designed by Kevin Carrico, who has NASA in his blood, and is responsible for assisting in the restoration of many of Third Man’s machines (Third Man Recording Booth) to working order. Kevin and the Third Man team are aided in their endeavor by SATINS (Students and Teachers in Near Space).

The record that will be played is one of the label’s own: “A gold-plated 12” master of Carl Sagan’s ‘A Glorious Dawn’ (a moving arrangement of Sagan’s sagacious words culled from his magnificent Cosmos series, previously pressed and distributed as a 7” in their first year of operation, 2009).” Third Man Records will also be hosting launch parties at their Cass Corridor and Nashville locations, and the (pre-recorded) launch will stream online.

Find more info about the event here.