As much as Justin Bieber has evolved as an artist and as a person, he’s not one to quickly forget about his past endeavors. Case in point, Bieber hasn’t exactly been shy about performing some of his older tracks like “Baby” while on his most recent tour, despite the huge shift in focus for him as a performer. It might seem a little jarring, but he knows just as much as anyone else, that everyone wants to hear the hits and there’s nothing better than a classic.

Reuniting on stage with another artist who has evolved considerably since, Bieber brought Jaden Smith out during a recent show to perform their 2010 hit “Never Say Never.” Over six years on from the track’s release, the two joyously jumped around and performed the track with excitable flair. It seems weird to watch these two perform a track so different from what they’re up to now, Jaden in particular, but there’s also something great about seeing them revisit the track.

Their voices are definitely a lot deeper in 2016 than they were in 2010, but they make it work regardless. Check out a video of the two performing together above.