Jamie XX released his brilliant debut album In Colour last year, and he’s been riding a high ever since. Proving his production prowess, the entire album was full of fantastic moments. Full of stellar guest moments from a number of vocalists, notably Young Thug,¬†Jamie XX sure made one hell of an impression with¬†In Colour. But it wasn’t just the moments with guest vocalists that made the album stand out, it was also the moments that were all Jamie that worked wonders, too.

The opening track from the album, “Gosh,” is definitely one of the most striking moments from the album, kicking things into gear immediately with considerable force. It only makes sense, then, that the album is given an equally as striking video to match the music. Directed by cult favorite Greek-French director Romain Gavras, perhaps best known for his stunning work with M.I.A. and the “No Church in the Wild” video, the video for “Gosh” is absolutely insane.

Filmed in a Chinese city with zero CGI and computer effects, the incredible video is among some of Romain’s best work, suiting the grandiose tone of the gorgeous track perfectly. The video features 400 actors, and it looks amazing because of it, showcasing some long drawn-out shots that play with scale remarkably well.

Watch the video above via Apple Music.