Image via Justin Bieber's Instagram

Image via Justin Bieber’s Instagram

TMZ is reporting┬áthat Justin Bieber was offered an astonishing $5 million to perform at a Republican event during the Republican National Convention, but he turned it down. Sources close to CAA, the talent agency which represents Bieber, say that a promoter directly contacted Justin’s management with the offer to perform for 45 minutes at an undisclosed venue near the Republican National Convention.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, who is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, insisted that he not take the offer. When the initial talks began, Bieber and Braun suggested to the promoter that he perform in front of Black Lives Matter banners, but the Republican donors funding the proposed event refused the request and suggested “All Lives Matter” banners instead.┬áThe promoter allegedly told Bieber’s management that the event was definitely “not political” and he would not be endorsing Donald Trump at all, but he was instructed to refrain from saying anything negative about the Republican party.

The event would have resulted in Bieber’s biggest payday of his career so far, but not without the loss of his long-time manager and friend Scooter Braun. TMZ reports, “We’re told Scooter told Justin it was up to him if he wanted to do the show, but he said he couldn’t continue to represent the singer if he did, out of principle. Scooter felt the GOP was using Bieber as its tool.” Bieber’s band were reportedly against the event, too.

Braun and Bieber were also supposedly told that LeBron James would be at the event and not taking a political stance, but when Bieber and Braun got in touch with LeBron’s management, they said that LeBron would not be in Cleveland for the convention at all and Bieber would be wise to say no.