By now, you’ve surely seen Kanye West’s controversial “Famous” video. The video depicts 12 naked celebrities in one bed and includes:

– George Bush
– Anna Wintour
– Donald Trump
– Rihanna
– Chris Brown
– Taylor Swift
– Kanye West
– Kim Kardashian
– Ray J
– Amber Rose
– Caitlyn Jenner
– Bill Cosby

It’s striking imagery with more meaning that meets the eye, and while Ray J’s manager is pissed off about it, the artist whose work inspired the visuals called it a “feat of magic.” As expected, Kanye West continues to be a controversial and polarizing artist.

The video originally appeared exclusively on Tidal, but it’s out on YouTube now, so if you still haven’t seen it—or feel like giving it another watch—see it above.

So far, no lawsuits have come from this video (that we’re aware of). We’ll wait.