Lil Yachty’s recent rise to success hasn’t been met with universal praise. His melody-driven style has been criticized by certain members of the community as an example of hip-hop’s diminishing standards for lyrical skill—but Yachty sees this as unwillingness from older listeners to accept hip-hop’s changing direction.

“I just can’t wait until the point when everyone understands hip-hop isn’t the same anymore,” Lil Yachty said during an interview with The Breakfast Club this morning.

Explaining that most of the negative comments come from older people who “just don’t like me because I’m not lyrical enough,” he said, “If you ever read comments and click on their profile, they’re like super old.” This generational disconnect is also seen through comparisons to iLoveMakonnen, who Yachty says come from listeners who don’t have anything else to compare his style to.

Watch the full interview above, in which he also discusses Kanye West, Ian Connor, radio freestyles, and more.

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