MF DOOM’s aesthetic and lyrical style perfectly matches that of a pulpy comic book, or a dusty Saturday morning cartoon that just wouldn’t fly today. DOOM is obviously more than aware of this, frequently releasing animated music videos that highlight his cartoonish but menacing style. An animator and DOOM fan has taken it upon himself to animate an unofficial music video for one of DOOM’s most underrated tracks, perfectly highlighting why his style matches up with cartoony visuals.

Animated by Dus’ T, the video is soundtracked by DOOM’s “Gas Drawls,” which appeared on DOOM’s debut project under the mask, Operation: Doomsday. The legendary album has seen a number of reissues since its initial release in 1999, including a lunch box edition which played up to that comic book style even further. The music video which Dus’ T animated could easily pass for an official music video, pulling off its incredibly appealing styles so well that it goes without saying that DOOM would approve.

Watch the video for “Gas Drawls” above, and make sure to pick upĀ Operation: Doomsday on vinyl here.

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