Ever since the world was first introduced to Desiigner through his now hit record “Panda,” the on-going curiosity has been people trying to figure out exactly what Desiigner is saying most of the time. Desiigner is just a young, excited 19-year-old with an endless amount of energy, so it’s no surprise that his fast-talking may be hard to understand at times.

While people continue to fight over the lyrics to most of Desiigner’s songs, a new game tries to add an ounce of fun to these silly debates. For this game, simply titled “What is Desiigner Saying?,” players are given a few chances to test their lyrical knowledge.

Each round features a very short audio clip taken from one of Desiigner’s songs. After the clip is played, the player is prompted to choose one of four multiple choice answers. Players are given three lives to make correct guesses. Though the game is fairly simple, it winds up being a bit more entertaining than one might expect.

Test your knowledge and play the game here.