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    Adam Rosen, Will Johnston, Shuga Records, Chicago-based record store

    How does the festival feel this year? Adam: The line-up’s better. It’s more focused on local. It’s cool for people to see a band like Whitney here when they’re used to seeing them in a club.

    Have you noticed there are a lot less used vinyl sellers in the fair this year? Adam: Yeah. There’s too much competition on used.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen from your record table at Pitchfork? Will: One year this drunk girl made me pick out four records for her; she was like, “Just give me four records I have to hear.” I gave her the best psych records of the last two or three years [one was Tame Impala]. Then when she got back home it came back as a charge back; she tried to claim her card was stolen. [Shuga had her on video signing for the records on an iPad and she lost the dispute.]

    What Bowie or Prince titles are people asking for? Will: That’s been the worst thing about vinyl the last couple years. It corresponds to the news cycle. People post sad Facebook statuses and go looking for those records and a week later no one gives a shit.

    Who are you looking to slip away from the table to see this year? Adam: Brian Wilson but I’m going to be disappointed. I saw him at Red Rocks a couple years ago and it was shitty.