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    Scott Schaaf, Pinwheel Records, Chicago-based record store

    What’s the vibe like among attendees from your vantage point? It’s very relaxed and laid-back. You’d expect it to be a little more chaotic and crazy.

    There are a lot less used vinyl sellers at the fair this year. Why do you think that is? What with the boom in vinyl, it’s easier to get new vinyl. Everyone’s competing for the same used vinyl. And there are a lot of relatively new record collectors.

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at Pitchfork? Sufjan Stevens' outfit last night.

    Who are you looking to slip away from the table to see this year? Kevin Morby. That’s my favorite record of the year. Also Brian Wilson just because 2016 has been pretty shitty for all of us.

    What Bowie or Prince titles are people asking for? We came here with first pressings of Diamond Dogs, Station to Station, Low, and “Heroes.” They’re all gone. We had an original Purple Rain and that’s gone too.