The internet is a wonderful place, because pretty much anyone can get their music out there, regardless of where they’re from. Indonesian comedian Brian Imanuel first caught attention with a series of Vines, but he really caught his big break when he started rapping under the alias of Rich Chigga. Complete with perhaps the most dad outfit of all time, Imanuel caught a lot of the internet off-guard with “Dat $tick,” a hard track with a video just as bizarre as Spooky Black’s now legendary “Without U” video.

88rising noticed that there was something special about Rich Chigga, and they showed a bunch of rappers his video for “Dat $tick.” Among those rappers were Flatbush Zombies, Cam’ron, Desiigner, Ghostface Killah, Tory LanezGoldLink, Madeintyo, and 21 Savage, and they all seem to dig it. Each of the rappers seem to have very strong feelings regarding his fanny pack, with Savage none too impressed with his dad swag, while GoldLink comments, “It was perfect, he should never change, he should get more dad.”

Desiigner really feels the track in particular, bobbing along enthusiastically to the 16-year-old’s track, adding, “He sound like a grown man.” Ghostface Killah loves it so much that he wants to jump on a remix of the song, saying near the end of the video, “Lemme get on that.”

Watch everyone react to the video above, and watch the “Dat $tick” video below.