• What do you carry in the fanny pack?
    My sexuality.

    What did you think of the rappers’ reactions to the video? Anyone in there you would want to work with?
    I wanna work with 21 Savage and personally apologize to him. I wanna know what his hair smells like.

    You’ve said most people in Indonesia listen to dance music—has your recent success changed any of that?
    I’m actually homeschooled but no, my friends still listen to that headass EDM shit.

    Have you encountered any discrimination because you’re an Asian rapper?
    I avoid talking about my race at all times because I think that’s corny, but some people said I look like I got down syndrome which I do agree.

    Thank you for teaching me how to microwave bread. What else can you microwave?
    You’re welcome, Pigeons & Planes. I cannot microwave anything else, only bread.

    You told Hypetrak you’d consider changing your stage name. What would you change it to?
    Kanye West.

    You’ve received a lot of feedback about using the N-word on “Dat $tick.” Would you say the N-word in conversation, or do you restrict it to music?
    My intent was to kinda help take the power out of that word so people would be less sensitive about it but I do understand if some people would be offended and I think doing it in that song’s enough. I’m not gonna do it anymore. I only say it when I’m jamming to rap music and it’s really good.

    When you talk about the “rich mothafuckas” in “Dat $tick,” is it in reference to a particular Indonesian corruption scandal/politician? Or is the whole thing rigged?
    Honestly I didn’t expect people to pick that up, and no it’s not particular. There’s a lot of crooked motherfuckers in this country.

    Who are some of your favorite comedians? Do you draw a distinct line between rap and comedy? Some people like “Dat Stick” because it’s unique, some people find a comedy aspect in it—do you see it as one or the other?
    I don’t even wanna call myself a comedian because I wanna do so much shit at once, but my favorite artist that does both rap and comedy is Tyler the Creator. That man is a genius.

    When are you coming to visit the U.S.?
    When these assholes at the embassy let me get my visa. God damn, I’ve been declined twice, it’s kinda hard here but once I get an ID I’mma try again.