Anything is possible—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Taking a page out of Kanye West’s playbook, Rick Ross reportedly forged a working relationship with a street rapper after they crossed paths.

The chance encounter unfolded last month at Venice Beach, where an Inglewood artist recording under the name Isa Muhammad seized a rare opportunity. He ripped through bar after bar as Ross watched in awe, evidently impressed: the past several weeks have seen Ira spending time with the MMG kingpin.

Last weekend, Complex spoke with the MC about the circumstances surrounding the initial meeting. Incredibly enough, he told the publication he was homeless at the time. It’s not entirely clear if Isa inked a deal with the imprint label, but all signs point to just that. His Instagram handle currently ends with “MMG,” for starters, and the artwork for a July single is a picture of him, Ross, and other members of the Maybach camp.

Watch footage of the freestyle above, and listen to “Chemtrails and Muslim Wars,” a song Isa recently uploaded to SoundCloud, below.

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