Image via Family Feud

Image via Family Feud

“Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana.”

If there is one celebrity who should be able to give the top answer for this Family Feud question, it ought to be Snoop Dogg, right? He had the opportunity to do so on last night’s celebrity edition of the show, when his family faced against Sugar Ray Leonard and his family.

Snoop was called to go head-to-head against Leonard on the question, and he buzzed in first, answering “Put hands on him,” which he clarified to mean “She would hit him.” Steve Harvey accepted that answer under the category of “Beat His Old Arse,” but Snoop was topped by Leonard, who answered “Yell/Scold Him.”

After Leonard’s family got three strikes, Snoop tried the question again and answered, “The family says ‘sell it,'” but that response was a no-go.

Watch clips from Snoop’s appearance on Celebrity Family Feud below.