Image via @travisscott

Image via @travisscott

Over a week ago, Travis Scott said that his upcoming album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight would be “coming out in a week.” That deadline has come and gone with no album in sight, but it looks like that’s because Scott is also working on some serious visual elements to accompany the record.

Scott called in to DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show to confirm his deal with Apple, and he confirmed that he is making a short film to go with Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

“The thing with [Mc]Knight is just, you know, some play shit,” Scott said. “You know I’m always into film and I’m doing a short film with this album. I’m putting that out with the album. That’s also what’s taking it so long. I just shot it and shit. And it’s like a long, lengthy film. It’s all the shit that I’ve been doing. All this innovative shit I just wanna do. And there’s even more shit that I’m not gonna speak on now to be impactful.”

Speaking about his deal with Apple, Scott said, “I just did my partnership with Apple Music and shit. Larry’s fucking amazing. That dude, he believes. He’s always talked to me when I was like beginning off. He always gave me that advice. You know, just to figure out where I’m going. So, I’m glad he’s down to take this trip with the kid and with this album; it’s super good.”

Listen to the interview below.