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When XXL revealed Desiigner’s freestyle for their XXL 2016 Freshman list, the short verse immediately went viral. While most people expected to hear and see Desiigner showcasing his usual amount of high energy, he managed to completely shock nearly everyone with a very relaxed delivery. Instead of a quick, traditional freestyle Desiigner delivered a hypnotic melody that felt more similar to an old spiritual hymn than a freestyle.

After the video quickly made its rounds all over the internet, Desiigner posted a preview of him and Mike Dean working on the full version of this freestyle that is now named “Timmy Turner.” The preview featured full production behind the lyrics that were already circling people’s memories.

Now, as fans continue to wait for the official release of the single, Desiigner shares yet another tease of the song. This time he takes to his Instagram account to share a video of him performing the song as Mike Dean plays the piano.

So far, we’ve now heard this song three different ways (not including all of the remixes), and each version has sounded as intriguing as the last. Hopefully Desiigner doesn’t keep us waiting for the full single too much longer.

Watch his latest teaser above.