You’d think that all’s fair in love and rap battles, but this has proved not to be the case. Once shit hits the fan, things can escalate quickly and get physical. A few things we’ve learned from viral rap videos from the past so that it doesn’t get to that point: stay focused on your competition, don’t bring a fake gun to a rap fight, and digging deep and sharing your own touching story can go a long way.

And now, one more thing to add to that list of “Never Do”: disrespect someone’s mom. And especially someone who isn’t even a part of the rap battle. In the video above, a rapper decided to hurl an insult at a spectator and his mother, and, without giving too much away, said spectator did not appreciate that and defends his mother’s honor. (I think it’s sweet.)

Watch the Man Who Did Not Know His Limits get punched by a spectator above.