Most cities have a couple of dominating radio stations that only play Top 40 hits, while independent artists get little to no play at all. As both the quantity and quality of music rise, this is obviously an issue, and Chance The Rapper wants to change that with what he's referring to as "optioncee," or

Through this site, fans will be able to request to hear two of his Coloring Book singles—"Summer Friends" and "No Problem"—in one's own city by providing where one is located. Independent artists have had a history of encountering hurdles when it comes to securing airtime, though this has been changing for the better over the years.

"The radio is like a huge listening party for people of all demographics to get in tune. In those moments it's mad [people] in harmony," tweeted Chance, whose ultimate goal is to "bring independent music and radio together." Optioncee will take place over the next couple of weeks, and you will be required a Twitter account to participate. 

Judging by Chance's active fanbase, it seems like you'll likely be able to hear the rapper's songs on your local radio station sooner rather than later, as Rapper Radio crashed apparently within half an hour of Chance's announcement, and his fans are already looking to get #rapperradio trending on Twitter.

Take a look at Chance's tweets below, and check out