Desiigner previously took a moment to say who the titular character of "Timmy Turner" is, but more recently, he took to Genius to annotate the song's lyrics and explain himself further (for those who have a hard time understanding what he's saying). Now, the rapper has partnered with the lyrics website for a visually striking lyric video.

The clip features dark and foreboding imagery related to the song in the background, while in the foreground, the lyrics are displayed, along with annotated explanations that expand on the history of the song (it originated during Desiigner's XXL Freshman 2016 freestyle), the meaning of the lyrics, and Desiigner's background.

“I care about my lyrics," Desiigner said in a press release. "I have my own way of saying things—I call it new English. When it came time to do the ‘Tiimmy Turner’ lyric video, I knew Genius would help me bring the words to life.”

Watch the "Timmy Turner" lyric video above.


Designer "Timmy Turner" Genius Lyric Video